Matches – Dating App

Matches is a comprehensive inquiry into the user experience design for a modern dating application. This project aims to analyze and overall user experience of dating, with a focus on connecting with like-minded persons who share the interest. Whether you’re searching for a casual date or a long-term relationship, this app provides a safe and […]

House Sage – Real Estate Mobile App

HouseSage is a modern and innovative online platform the streamlines the process of finding and securing real estate with a user-friendly platform that empowers them to effortlessly navigate through an extensive array of property listings. The aim is to create application that caters to the diverse needs of users looking to buy or rent properties […]

CareBook – Job Seeker App

CareBook is an innovative mobile application that connects job searchers with nursing homes. This project’s goal is to facilitate seamless connectivity and career opportunities. App Screens

Jorden – Sneaker Shop App

Jorden is an e-commerce mobile application aimed towards sneaker enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals. With a minimalist and intuitive user interface, this app provides a seamless and delightful buying experience for those looking for the latest and most sought-after trainers. App Screens